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I wish i could buy me a spaceship and fly past the sky... [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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(no subject) [Jul. 21st, 2004|11:35 pm]
woo hoo got da license today. yup.
no car tho. oh well.

still confused........blahhh

sad tho i kinda cant wait for school to start
mhm hush.
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I believe that my life's gunna see the love i give returned to me... [Jul. 9th, 2004|01:40 am]
[mood |tiredtired]
[music |Wheel - John Mayer]

yea havent updated in a min.
not much has happend.
i dunno i guess things are getting better..
ahh this summer has been tooooooo weird.
hmm yea.

today my father said he wouldnt let me go to ny for college.
thanks dad, crush my dreams.
ya kno what im goin whether he likes it or not.

i really need to start running again.
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(no subject) [Jun. 30th, 2004|07:33 pm]
ehh yea so i guess the summer is gettin a lil better..hm so last night i slept over my grandma's house. hmm fun stuff. then she took me to get my hair braided and then i went to segment 2. oh yes tomorrow is the last day and then I GET MY LICENSE! hell yea..i am sooo ready. hopefully i will be gettin my car in like december. yeaaa
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(no subject) [Jun. 20th, 2004|01:03 am]
[mood |irritatedirritated]
[music |Welcome Back - Mase]

wow this summer couldnt get ANY better..haha yea right..actually it sucks ass right now..hopefully things will get better..lets see ive had a numerous amount of my friends get mad at me for various reasons, my report card sucks, my mom read sumthin that she wasnt supposed to see(haha), and the one person i really really wanted to see this summer i will barely get to see and i miss talkin to erica about all the stupid shit that i do..grrr anyway
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We were meant to live for so much more..have we lost ourselves? [Jun. 18th, 2004|06:29 pm]
[mood |thirstythirsty]
[music |Meant To Live - Switchfoot]

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<font face="Georgia" color=""#d2ccc0>yea so i had a lot of fun wit kim in philly. her sweet 16 was really really nice. yep fun times. well all this week i have had to work so so far my summer hasnt been that great...yea and not to mention ppl be trippin sometimes..but its all good now. grrr i miss erica!!! but i bet shes havin a kick ass time in puerto rico. i cant wait till she comes back tho! im out.</font>
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I never wanted to be your weekend lover, i only wanted to be some kinda friend... [Jun. 6th, 2004|12:41 pm]
[mood |sleepysleepy]
[music |Prince - Purple Rain]

yea so SUMMER IS ALMOST HERE!!!..4 days! sweet!! aww moving up on wed was fun..JUNIORS!!! haha. yea so yesterday i went to cassias bday party/sleepover thingy. yep it was really fun we went go cart racing, played laser tag then we went back to the hotel and swam and ate toooo much. haha and from like 2-5am me, alyson, teresha n juliet were riding the elevators n hanging out in the stairwells..yep we had some good conversations haha..i luv that girl alyson. then of course deanna decides to leave and go wit some guy to get high, she left at like 2 and then didnt come back till 6 and cassia was pissed as hell cuz she coulda gotten us all in trouble. but anyway it was fun and yeah i def. got like 4 hours of sleep and i still have to finish my final paper for british lit which is due tomorrow and study for all of my finals.

im really startin to get fuckin annoyed wit ppl who are soo freakin fake, they like pretend to be ur good friend and then they like talk shit about u. i just HATE FAKE BITCHES...im soooo freakin glad that its almost summer and i wont have to deal wit them for 2 freakin months. like im seriously startin to realize who my true, true friends are. like there are these 2 girls that i became really really close with this year, and i am soooo grateful to have them as my friends. i luv them soo much and i dont know what i'd do without them. they are just so funny and nice and i can just be myself around them. i am really truly blessed to have them in my life. they just brighten my day when i see them. and i wish there were more ppl in the world like them.
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When the night has come, and the land is dark, and the moon is the only light you see... [May. 25th, 2004|10:20 pm]
[mood |lazylazy]
[music |Sam Cooke - Stand By Me]

Yeah so this weekend was kinda fun. friday it started stormin so ms linskey let us leave 5 minutes early(woohoo) and we didnt have to sign out. juliet came over cause she was scared to drive her hooptie in the storm haha. then after the storm passed we met lisa, kristina n her friend at bellacino's and ate then we went to cvs and i had put my dvds in juliets bookbag so when she walked in the alarm thing went off..yea it was quite amusing. then lisa drove us back to kristina's where we watched malibu's most wanted..then of course juliet hadnt called her parents all day so they didnt know where she was and her car was still back at school..so we ended up havin to drop her back at school so she could go home..then we went back to kristina's and i slept over there. then on saturday we had to wake up mad early(as usual) to go to school cause we had regionals at wbhs. i got 3rd in the 400 and we got 4th in the 4x4 and overall i think we tied for 5th. yea so then later i went to sam's bday party, it was at putting edge, which is this put put place near the mall..it was fun..then we went to dinner..more fun times..never a dull moment with that kid haha, gotta luv her. then sunday i went over tay's to help her wit her campaign and stuff. fun times. so then today we got to leave school at 1:30 cause we had catholic leagues at ladywood. yea i got 5th in the 400(grrrr) and we got 4th in the 4x4, which i was soooo freakin pissed about..but yeah we arent gunna go into that. but overall we got 2nd place which was good. yep fun times.
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Gonna make a change, for once in my life, its gunna feel real good, gonna make a difference... [May. 16th, 2004|12:54 pm]
[mood |relaxedrelaxed]
[music |Man In the Mirror - Michael Jackson]

we laughed. we screamed. we ate toooooo much junk food. we freezed our asses off. we had SOOOO much fun. yea cedar point yesterday was KICK ASS!..even though it was cold as hell, like it only got to 55 i think. we rode the wicked tiwster a billion times(BEST FUCKIN RIDE EVER, right mel?) haha. yeah so the girls came over on friday around 8ish. yes melissa was the only one on time, lol. her, ally n annie bought me this cute juicy outfit. then on sat we woke up around 6ish. and then we met gina n tiff up at school then we left for c.p...i think we got there around 10:15-30ish. first we rode the raptor, which was tiff's first roller coaster ever..aww i luv that ride, it was my first too like when i was 10. then we waitin for an hour for the mantis. it stopped raining around 1. we ate at game day..haha yea, thanks nicole for telling the ppl that it was my bday and making me stand up while the whole restaurant sang to me haha...so embarrasing. yep and then after lunch we went on a ton more rides..me, tiff, annie, n melissa got stuck on iron dragon..haha fun times. then we saw britt n her friends and we went back on the iron dragon wit her. after a few more rides we played the game things and ladawn won an air guitar which she really really really wanted haha and she gave me the care bear that she won earlier. i think we left around 9:30 and got back at my house at like 12. then i went straight to bed cause i was sooooo freakin tired haha. yea that was the best day ever!! i luvvvvv cedar point!..cant wait to go again. im out. holler.
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I wanna be with you theres nothing more to say... [May. 13th, 2004|11:39 pm]
[mood |crazycrazy]
[music |I wanna be with you - Mandy Moore]

Yeh so on tuesday we ran against divine child and got our asses kicked..yep fun times. i got 2nd in the 400. after the meet kristina came over cause she didnt have a ride home so she chilled at my house till her mom came n got her. wednesday was boring..dont really remember what happend. and today was boring too..tay was supposed to come over but she didnt have a ride home. so after school me, juliet, katie n tiff decided not to go to pratice..although it ended up gettin canceled..so then we went and watched the orchestra n mercyaires for a lil bit. then my bro picked me up and we dropped kristina off..then i came home and went back to kristina's house lol. me her sam n juliet just chilled n ate n watched tv..yep fun times..sam is psycho..yeh. im out. holler.
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When I wake up in the morning love, and the sunlight hurts my eyes... [May. 10th, 2004|06:20 pm]
[mood |lazylazy]
[music |Sunshine - Twista]

so my bday was good. im 16 finally..yeh and i still dont have my license. fun times. this past weekend was fun too. on friday me n emma went home wit kristina then we went to pick up tosh and went to kristina's house. we chilled there for a while and then sam came over. and then we went to see mean girls and lisa met us up there. then they all came over to my house and we chilled n watched movies n ate some bomb ass chicken haha. oh and we cant forget the better made bbq chips<333 yeh cuz of kristina n emma i have a new obsession wit those. so yeh tosh n emma were like knocked out by 11. and then sam got a call from her mom sayin that her granny was sick so her mom came and picked her up at like 12:30. and then me kristina n lisa stayed up till like 3am talkin. so of course we woke up late for our track invitational which we had to be at school at 6:45 cause the bus was leavin at 7, but with lisa's skillfull driving we made it haha. yeh and of course everyone was asleep on the bus cause it was early as hell and of course we got lost cause our coach is a genius. so we ended up gettin there at like 9ish. and of course the track meet lasted like 235987 years...no actually it started at like 10 sumthin and we got on the bus to leave at like 5:30 and we got back at school around 7ish. and i was gunna go out wit tay but nooo my mom is a ho and wouldnt let me. oh well. then sunday we went to see the lion king..ahhhh i was sooooooo great! haha and today me n ladawn wore our lion king t-shirts. holler.
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